STPA Awards

Student Paper Competition

Each year at the ASPA Conference, STPA recognizes a Best Student Paper by an undergraduate or graduate student who has written and submitted a research papers related to transportation policy and administration. The author of the best paper receives a cash award of $100 plus free one-year memberships in ASPA and STPA. More information on this competition is widely distributed in the months prior to the ASPA Conference.

Truitt-Felbinger Award

The award was established in memory of Lawrence J. Truitt and Claire Felbinger, former STPA Chairs, valued colleagues, scholars, practitioners, and teachers and is presented annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of transportation policy and administration. Some of the previous recipients were: Neilson A. "Dutch" Berthof, Aviation Director for the City of Phoenix; Former Deputy Secretary of Transportation, Mortimer L. Downey; James R. Mills, Chairman Emeritus of the San Diego Metropolitan Transportation Board; Scott Hercik, Appalachian Regional Commission, Barbara Ivanov, Director of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Freight Systems Division, Parks Preston, Manager Federal Aviation Administration Atlanta Airports District Office, and Kim Day, Chief Executive Officer Denver International Airport (DEN). Nominations are solicited and reviewed in the months prior to the ASPA Conference.